Monday, November 2, 2009

The Banana Boat Mystery

Hi, So i had to share something about the Banana Boat. Sounds strange right? Yup its a kind of strange thing. Its actually a kind of adventure sport where in you actually take a ride on a banana like boat which is huge...which can accomodate around 8 ppl. We need to just climb on it, and catch hold of a rope in front of each seat. So we have a simple rope to balance.

Now starts the mystery, the boat i.e the Banana Boat is tied to a motor boat, it takes us to the middle of the sea. So while following the motor boat, we wont be having any kind of fear as the boat would be going in the straight direction. But that's not adventure, its hilarious when the person behind us turns the whole of the boat, we get stunned there as the whole boat is upside down and we are in the sea with no support, thanks to the life jackets. We literally on the support iof the life jacket, with out which we would ve got the tickets to the heaven.

Now we gotta struggle to catch hold of the banana boat. the motor boat gets slowed down. We need to just catch the banana boat again one by one, the boat ppl help us boarding again. We just need be lying with the chest upside in the water to be confident or else we lose our confidence and give up ourselves to the fear.

This continues for around 3-4 times, after the first time in water, we lose the fear of water and start enjoying being in water. After that we are bought to the shore. Thats the end of the adventure.

This sport is available at The Aguada Fort Beach, North Goa, its near to the Calangute. some where 15 minutes drive.
The cost of this is very high if u dont bargain. We were 5 people and it costed Rs 250/- for each. So in an all we gave Rs 1250/- . But ppl if u ever go to goa do enjoy this sport. Or else it feels like u missed out something spl and the tour would be unfinished.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Goan Sight

Hey, so atlast got a break from the work and had an outing a week back. And the place was none other than the exotic goa. We(The team) had planned for this outing just 4 days before the departure. So finally we booked tickets for goa. It was a late night journey from dadar. We enjoyed a lot in train till a family with kids came in and ruined our enjoyement. As a result we had no other option than to sleep. Next day morning it was a kind of boring journey and the train reached our destination i.e tivim which would be nearer to the calangute. The time was around 1pm i.e we had wasted our half of day in train. We rushed to the hotel we had booked by an auto. Uhhh an expensive ride it was. We reached hotel by around 2pm as it was a 40 min drive from station. We soon got fresh i.e except taking bath. Bcos we were however going to enter the beach. So by this time we had booked 4 bikes to roam in goa and i had got a pulsar. We rushed to the nearest beach first which was calangute beach. There was a hotel there and we were damn hungry. We ordered for the lunch all my team mates were hardcore non veggies. We entered the sea, it was a kind of empty as it was afternoon. We enjoyed a lot in the beach, an hour later our lunch was ready and we had a great lunch. There after we left to the ultimate of all the 'BAGA' beach. It was some 10 km away from the other beach. We were there at almost 4.30 evening. The climate was pleasant and the waves were cool. We took a shack and kept our belongings there. The scenery there was awesome both onshore and offshore. We enjoyed a lot on the waves. The waves were large enough for us to sink in. We enjoyed a lot on this beach. It was like a indian hawaiian beach. Would love to go for it again. We were wet, but didnt care. We left for the next beach anjuna beach. This was a beach for namesake.

This beach wasnt tat good. But it was sunset time and we captured that. We left from there soon wasting no time. Then we returned to the hotel 'Delta Residency' . To find the way back to this hotel it was a great achievement. I didnt remember the way as it was a goan night everything seemed to be different. No one was aware of that hotel. Finally got to the hotel. Soon took a cold shower as the whole body was salty. We got ready for the dinner and back on wheels again. For dinner we went to a restaurant called 'Britto's restaurant' the veg food wasnt tat good but the others enjoyed. The ice tea was awesome there. Some had beer and other had hot drinks. Some of my friends got a tattoo made on themselves. We finished a beach dinner. My team then left to 'The Tito's ' the famous disc in goa. I returned back to hotel and had good sleep. They came back by 4am. Next morning we were again ready by 10am, we left for the aguada fort beach. This is a kind of adventure sports beach. And here we tried something truely adventurous. The 'Banana boat' adventure. We were made to sit on a banana like boat which had no support other than a rope tied in front of each person as 8 ppl could be seated on it. This boat was tied to the motor boat which took us deep into the sea. There we made to fall off from the boat. I thought i would be no more :-) but i managed to catch the motor boat and all other caught the banana boat again and climbed it. They took us again and made them fall again. Well there were life jackets so there was no fear of water. We finally reached the shore. Right in front of this beach is a huge resort of Taj. We went back to the hotel again and returned the bikes. Got fresh and took shower. Now we were ready for the lunch. We went to calangute market, did some shopping. Had a good lunch. By this it was around 5 evening. It was time to return back. We had booked a taxi to madgaon as our train was from there. We had a good one hour drive. Every one was totally tired but managed to not to get bored. We reached the station at 6.30. On the way my team purchased loads of cashew nuts and the wines. As it is this goa is famous for cheap drinks. Our train arrived by 7.40pm. We enjoyed the journey. And next day morning back to office again. This was a 2 day outing we had been to. It was truly a awesome experience and would love to go back again and chill there in goa. Thanks for now.

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Top 100 International brands,2009

The list of the top 100 international brands across the world in 2009.
Data: Interbrand, JPMorgan Chase & Co., Citigroup, Morgan Stanley, BusinessWeek






























American Express


Louis Vuitton




































Merrill Lynch








Goldman Sachs








Morgan Stanley




Thompson Reuters







































































Tiffany & Co.


Pizza Hut




Moet & Chandon


















Johnson & Johnson

















Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The End of Odyssey

Atlast we have come towards the end of the training which lasted for 2 hectic months. It was a college like atmosphere enjoying with all over indian friends(UNITY IN DIVERSITY). May it be from north or south all together enjoyed in the cafeteria. At the end of these 2 months we take the memories with us. As all of us wont be in the same projects or at the same place.

The tension in these two months is so much that if any BP patient tried to complete it...he would have got the ticket directly to the heaven in the 2nd week of the training itself..Those RT's(RE-TESTS) were like the shock treatments and people never knew why they failed in the first attempts. More over, I was the king of RT1's as I had been failing in 4 of the 5 first attempts... The RT would be the next week on the same day as the first attempt was on. And the next week u go thru a mental trauma...getting into the dilemma as to "if i fail in RT1"??? and this question haunted me the whole week thinking about the consequences..any way its been a clear road till now... i passed however all of them(excluding 1 yet to give the first attempt). BUT THE ENJOYMENT IS WORTH OF THE TENSION.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Java Fever its after long time I am updating my blog....but what to do...a busy routine keeps me away from updating blog..Anyways so, i wanna just give an update that i am getting trained on Java(which is virtually a ocean).U know u can even make a school of java starting from LKG to 10th standard and college further where you can learn deep into java concepts...and further a degree for jokes apart...what i wanted to convey is that the java platform is such a vast and flexible platform that you can make anything and everything out of it....

As a fresher some people might be afraid of these kind of languages, but its a fact that non-IT people perform better than expected when correctly trained..So this article is just a guide to the freshers who have just graduated out of college and want to jump into the corporate world..First think of the line you want to choose (bcos many non-IT people also by default just come into the field without thinking about the future).If u genuinely want to come to a IT field just u need to give ur 100% of ur self...

After u get to know any language at its then enjoy working with it...

Saturday, June 27, 2009

IT pressure

Hey friends,
I ve just tasted the bitterness and the sweetness of the corporate world, on one side i consider myself as lucky as i got opportunity to join a big giant MNC where as on the other side, i feel the pressure as they always give us a fear of showing us the exit doors. Its good on one side that they pay good salaries, on the other side they make us work more than worth of it.
Any ways friends, these are my views which i had to share wit all my followers..
The above tagline is not applicable for the govt jobs.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Kerala-The land of exotic greens

Few days before i had been to the land of green and backwaters, yes its Kerala. I had been to Kasargod which comes in the north Kerala. Its the state in which you find lush greens all over.Its a coastal region, so be prepared to sweat it out. The places to watch in Kasargod are the Madhur Temple and the Bekal Fort and the beach.

Kerala internal transport is looked after by the private transports, so to reach out to the Madhur temple you get the private buses in the city, its around 20km from Kasargod, a 45 minutes journey. These private buses are totally airconditioned. Oops i mean with no glasses for windows and we can breathe easy in open air. The temple was very beautiful to see. The God residing there is Vinayak(Ganesh). There the main attraction which i found was a placard stating "ENTRY FOR HINDUS ONLY" which shooked me. This is the place where is saw the communalism. There is some other speciality related to the histoty. Once Tippu Sultan had attacked all the south Indian temples and when he came to this temple to attack, he felt very thirsty and asked for the water, the priests over there without any hesitation, brought some water for him to drink, there after Tippu thought the people here are very kind and as a matter of mercy and respect to the people who helped him, he didnt continue the attack on this temple. There is a mark stating the the sign of the sword mark where he wanted to attack on the temple. Its the story as i heard, i didnt create it.

Next we went to the old monument protected by the ASI(Archeological Survey of India) known as the Bekal Fort. This is some 20 km south of Kasargod town. Heard that this Fort was ruled lates by Tippu Sultan. The fort has been maintained very well and it attracts many national and international tourists, thus making it a very important monument. There is a Observation tower in the middle of the fort fro where we can have scenic view of the beach and the greenery of the Kerala. There is a entrance from the fort to the beach, the tides here are so huge, they are capable of engulfing the persons stranding on the beach or on the rocks there. We had been to the beach down the fort, the beach was very nice to enjoy. It will be a very wonderful view of the sunset from here.

You can reach out to the Kasargod town by the following ways. The nearest big city near it is Mangalore which is just 60km and a one and half hour journey. It comes on the National Highway NH17 so there is no problem of travel and we get the buses very frequently from Mangalore. The road travel will be so wonderful that you get many rivers,backwaters with unique kerala scenic view.
Hope you enjoy it when u go there.


Thursday, June 4, 2009

How to choose the best bike

Here are some tips to buy a new , as which kind of bike to select, of which range of power etc. First of all the bike in India is almost a middle man's transport and many high class people prefer a car over a bike. But there are many high class hardcore bikers too who go on many adventures on the bike. The tips are as follows.
1. Decide what for do you need the bike? For adventure or the daily transport.
2. If its for adventures, its better to go with the high power bikes above 150cc such as TVS Apache, Bajaj Pulsar DTSi 150,180,200 and 220,Hero Honda Karizma or Honda Stunner.
3. Even the Bajaj Pulsar and the TVS Apache, Honda Uniorn ,Honda Shine fullfill the daily needs which are quiet powerful and economical and efficient.
4. But if you need a bike that is very economical for a long run and very efficient, then its better to go for Hero Honda Splendor or Bajaj Platina or Bajaj Discover whose cc are below 150cc.
5. These bikes are the best for the middle man, which are very efficient, economical and doesnt have much of the maintanence cost.
6. Where as the the above high end bikes are very costly, they are very powerful but their efficiency is too low.
7. If a economical bike gives a mileage of around 60km/litre, the high end bikes give the mileage of just 30km/litre on an average.
8. On the contradictory, the leader of racing kind of bikes has released a Yamaha R15, Yamaha FZ which make a style statement of the owner. They look dashing.
India is booming in the automobile sector, those days are gone when owning a scooter was a matter of fame. Indians are owning Suzuki Hayabasu and Honda CBR kind of bikes. Which the Indians decades ago only dreamt of owning it. These days we get bikes which ever suits us. So better be sensible while buying a bike and decide for the best one.

Friday, May 29, 2009

How to remove autorun.inf virus


      The autorun virus is the most common virus in all computers these days, it affects in many ways some of them are, 

1. The drives get opened in a new window rather than the same window.

2.It deactivates the hiding.We cannot see the hidden files and even if we tick mark the show hidden files, it automatically again goes back to do not show hidden files.

So in order to fix this i usally install a fresh copy of genuine windows XP service pack 2, just after installing it, i ll be very cautious not to double click on any of the drives, instead i open them using the folders button.

Now what we need to do is, go to the tools, go to folder options,go to view,click on the radio button of show hidden files and folders, next you got to untick the hide protected operating system files(Recommended).

Now you got to click on the folders button, now click on the drive other than c drive in the sub window on the left side. You will find a file named AUTORUN.INF, delete this file by SHIFT+DEL, do the same thing in all the other drives other than the C:/ drive. Because in C drive that file will not be present.

Now you have deleted the deadly virus AUTORUN.INF. Enjoy now you can open the drives by double click on the drive icon in the My computer.

Monday, May 25, 2009

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Saturday, May 23, 2009

IPL 2 towards the end

This year it was a great year for the IPL lovers as it was a overseas tounament. More than that it provided so much entertainment for the people here in India that every one here is a fan of IPL, irrespective of the team and place they support for. As cricket is believed as a religion, IPL provides the huge religious activities.
So the matches this time were more thrilling than the first season. I think the matches this time were highly injurious to those who had high BP. Each match crawled to the last ball for the result of the match. But this time IPL took a great turn with Royal Challengers making it to the top four teams and the semis of the IPL.
The chart was topped by Delhi Daredevils, but in a match yesterday against the Deccan Chargers, Delhi lost and they lost the chance of winning IPL trophy.The defending champions this time were out of the IPL before entering into semis. But they gave a close contest. Both Rajasthan Royals and Kings XI were in close contest for the semis with BRC, DC and Chennai were on the close contest on the other side. Well we need to wait and watch out for the match today the Bangalore against Chennai, its going to be atoough match. And whoever wins, enters the final and play with the Deccan chargers.
Deccan chargers are on a strong hold now and the other two teams cant be underestimated even. Lets wait and watch.
And RCB win the semis to rush into the finals to play against the Deccan Chargers.

The Verdict.

Hi friends,

So India finally decided which government it needs. It has voted for UPA and specifically Congress. And PM Mr. Manmohan Singh was sworn in as the Prime Minister of India for the second time. UPA with the help of many allies have made it to majority.

Post elections its the time to decide the cabinet ministers and its a very big time for the allies who aim for the minister posts. With the cabinet being decided yesterday, Congress has allotted the major minister seats to their own party leaving out the railway department to Mamata Banerjee from Trinamool Congress. And various other departments have been regained by the previous ministers like P. Chidambaram getting the home ministry, Pranab Mukherjee getting the Finance which is a very key ministry and the Defence was grabbed by A K Anthony. So in a way to say this time people have elected the intellectual people and young people. Like Shashi Tharoor from Thiruvanathapuram, Sachin Pilot from Ajmer, Jyotiradiya Scindia from Guna are few to name. So as assume there should be a stable government for the next five years which aims at the development of India, and more specifically get away from the ongoing worst economic crisis. The people who all got elected from their constituencies, should keep up their promises made while campaigning for the elections.

The results of elections had affected the markets in such a big way that the market had to be closed for trading for the high increase in the SENSEX and the NIFTY points. It shows that how much the people investing believe in the government so formed. So we hope to be led well by the goverment for the next 5 years.