Tuesday, August 11, 2009

The End of Odyssey

Atlast we have come towards the end of the training which lasted for 2 hectic months. It was a college like atmosphere enjoying with all over indian friends(UNITY IN DIVERSITY). May it be from north or south all together enjoyed in the cafeteria. At the end of these 2 months we take the memories with us. As all of us wont be in the same projects or at the same place.

The tension in these two months is so much that if any BP patient tried to complete it...he would have got the ticket directly to the heaven in the 2nd week of the training itself..Those RT's(RE-TESTS) were like the shock treatments and people never knew why they failed in the first attempts. More over, I was the king of RT1's as I had been failing in 4 of the 5 first attempts... The RT would be the next week on the same day as the first attempt was on. And the next week u go thru a mental trauma...getting into the dilemma as to "if i fail in RT1"??? and this question haunted me the whole week thinking about the consequences..any way its been a clear road till now... i passed however all of them(excluding 1 yet to give the first attempt). BUT THE ENJOYMENT IS WORTH OF THE TENSION.

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