Saturday, August 7, 2010

Mahabaleshwar: Ooty of Maharashtra

Mahabaleshwar, a heaven for the nature lovers and i name it as the ooty of west india. Mahabaleshwar is situated just 250 KM away from Mumbai, commercial metro of India. Its a weekend outing for people in Mumbai, Pune, Satara and surrounding places.

Mahabaleshwar also has rich history of having river Krishna's starting point, and is also related to the times of Mahabharata. This hill station will sure grab your hearts in Monsoon. People come here to chill, get away free from work and near to the nature. Me along with my team had been to this place last week. Here goes the story.

As it was a planned trip of saturday and a sunday, we had to leave Mumbai by 6 AM on a saturday morning(think of it a weekend holiday morning which is so hard to do, ask a software engineer about it) We managed to leave at around 7 AM, it was raining hell that morning. Most probably mumbai rain is all pre planned all the week there will be no rain, as the weekend approaches, it lashes like anything(gonna make a research out of it). We straight way caught the express way at 120kmph. We had taken two cars (i10 and a santro), We first had a good breakfast on the foodcourt and filled the fuel tank. Our next stop was past Lonavla. Which itself was so scenic that we were almost to drop plans of Mahabaleshwar and spend weekend there, coming back to reality we didnt do that. But literally Khandala and Lonavala were eye's heaven to watch for. Those clouds touching the mountains and small milky falls here and there.

We again went ahead and passed by Pune by NH-4, didnt dare to enter Pune. Then continuing on NH-4, 80 km from Pune there is a place called Wai where we had to divert and enter the ghats, the western ghats. There for our badluck, we had a small accident our i10 with another i10. It was another tragedy, we sorted it out and went on. We entered the ghat leading to Mahabaleshwar, it was a awesome ride to enjoy. It was so greenery all around, that we could not resist to taste the purity of nature. We finally reached Mahabaleshwar(Ultimate destiny)at 2 PM. We were all damn hungry, got fresh. There was 24/7 rain support, meaning it was raining all the time in that place.

Here comes the speciality of Mahabaleshwar, it fresh fruits like strawberries and blueberries and many more. Mapro a garden where you get all kinds of fresh fruit crushes and jellies. You got to taste one when you visit. We had Italian pizza. We carried on to visit all the scenic points and almost touched the clouds. We next went to market for shopping. We spent the night in the Hotel Tree Top, good hotel.

Next day morning it was all agian the journey back to mumbai.

BMTC rides on money!!

Bangalore, the Silicon valley of India. People come here to make magic out of their lives. This IT city is most developing city in the southern India. Any new IT company plans to put up a office in India, thinks of Bangalore to open their offices.

So its obvious that people use the public transport for local transport. These days things have become so expensive that its not a easy thing to make life in Bangalore and for that matter in any Indian metro. We know that petrol and diesel costs are shooting up the sky. Over that even the government is in the race ahead to make profits out of public.

First of all the BMTC bus fares are so high, Government may be thinking that only IT people are travelling in the BMTC buses and they can loot them. But it has forgotten about the poor people who only use the local transport. They need to shell out about 35 bucks a day for transport. Which may happen to be their cost of daily bread. As far as i have heard and seen, its Bangalore only which has higher bus fares in the metro transport. I know about mumbai(4 times bigger in volume than Bangalore) operates BEST buses which in no compare with BMTC numbers. People travel here for the whole day with a daily pass of mere Rs. 20, which is almost half the fare compared to Bangalore. I believe there might be fuel difference in both the cities, but its not worth charging double. Mumbai people spend their half a day in buses for only 20 rupees and they travel from one end to other about nearly 50-60 km(one way), which is double than Bangalore commuting distance.

Also VAJRA transport is also costly compared to the Mumbai AC bus transport. Govt of Karnataka should also keep in mind about the poor people who wholly depend on these buses for transport and should not loot them. Its a matter to look back at for Minister of transport R Ashok. Bangalore has become a place only for rich people who migrate from other states to make their lives better, without even caring about own state people.

Here is the list of the changes rates. We are not responsible if your under cardiac arrest after you read, read it at your own risk:

* Black Board: Existing Rs 450, Revised Rs 500
* Red Board, Pushpak, Janapriya Vahini: Existing Rs 600, Revised Rs 660
* Black Board (Senior Citizens): Existing Rs 400, Revised Rs 450
* Red Board, Pushpak, Janapriya Vahini, Suvarna (Senior Citizen): Existing Rs 540, Revised Rs 590
* Vajra Volvo Gold Pass: Existing Rs 1,250, Revised Rs 1350
* Vajra Gold Pass without ID: Existing Rs 1300, Revised Rs 1,400
* Vayu Vajra Volvo (BIAL) Gold Pass: Existing Rs 2550, Revised Rs 2,650
* Bulk purchase of 50 plus Vayu Vajra Gold Pass: Existing Rs 2,400, Revised Rs 2,500
* Bulk purchase of 100 plus Vayu Vajra Gold Pass: Existing Rs 2,300, Revised Rs 2,400
Dual pricing of day pass BMTC has also announced introduction of a system of dual pricing of day travel pass, with the aim of eliminating unauthorised circulation of day pass. The rate/cost of this pass has also increased from the existing Rs 32 to Rs 35 (with BMTC ID) and Rs 40 (without BMTC ID).

Cost of Vajra Gold Day pass has also been increased from existing Rs 80 to revised Rs 85. The new rates will be in effect from 27 June, 2010.
BMTC has waived the condition of possession of ID card for availing day pass for Rs 35 up to 15 July, to enable commuters to obtain these ID cards, that are priced at Rs 25 with a validity of one year from month of issue. However, commuters who purchase a day pass beyond 15 July will have to pay Rs 40.

I myself went dizzy writing these detals. If your reading till this end your a braveheart :)