Saturday, August 7, 2010

Mahabaleshwar: Ooty of Maharashtra

Mahabaleshwar, a heaven for the nature lovers and i name it as the ooty of west india. Mahabaleshwar is situated just 250 KM away from Mumbai, commercial metro of India. Its a weekend outing for people in Mumbai, Pune, Satara and surrounding places.

Mahabaleshwar also has rich history of having river Krishna's starting point, and is also related to the times of Mahabharata. This hill station will sure grab your hearts in Monsoon. People come here to chill, get away free from work and near to the nature. Me along with my team had been to this place last week. Here goes the story.

As it was a planned trip of saturday and a sunday, we had to leave Mumbai by 6 AM on a saturday morning(think of it a weekend holiday morning which is so hard to do, ask a software engineer about it) We managed to leave at around 7 AM, it was raining hell that morning. Most probably mumbai rain is all pre planned all the week there will be no rain, as the weekend approaches, it lashes like anything(gonna make a research out of it). We straight way caught the express way at 120kmph. We had taken two cars (i10 and a santro), We first had a good breakfast on the foodcourt and filled the fuel tank. Our next stop was past Lonavla. Which itself was so scenic that we were almost to drop plans of Mahabaleshwar and spend weekend there, coming back to reality we didnt do that. But literally Khandala and Lonavala were eye's heaven to watch for. Those clouds touching the mountains and small milky falls here and there.

We again went ahead and passed by Pune by NH-4, didnt dare to enter Pune. Then continuing on NH-4, 80 km from Pune there is a place called Wai where we had to divert and enter the ghats, the western ghats. There for our badluck, we had a small accident our i10 with another i10. It was another tragedy, we sorted it out and went on. We entered the ghat leading to Mahabaleshwar, it was a awesome ride to enjoy. It was so greenery all around, that we could not resist to taste the purity of nature. We finally reached Mahabaleshwar(Ultimate destiny)at 2 PM. We were all damn hungry, got fresh. There was 24/7 rain support, meaning it was raining all the time in that place.

Here comes the speciality of Mahabaleshwar, it fresh fruits like strawberries and blueberries and many more. Mapro a garden where you get all kinds of fresh fruit crushes and jellies. You got to taste one when you visit. We had Italian pizza. We carried on to visit all the scenic points and almost touched the clouds. We next went to market for shopping. We spent the night in the Hotel Tree Top, good hotel.

Next day morning it was all agian the journey back to mumbai.

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