Sunday, November 13, 2016

How to reset your IE browser

You will see a handy video demonstration of resetting the IE browser settings

Though the video shows the settings done are for IE9, it applies to newer versions of IE as well

Source: Microsft

Sunday, October 9, 2016

Belkin iPhone lightning cable not working

Belkin is a well known brand for the iPhone charging cables. But the ones's that I bought from Target paying $20 each only worked until i updated my iOS to iOS8 after which these charging cables stopped working.

After all it appears that Belkin cables are not MFi(Made For iPhones) but are some cheap cables. These cables also won't work with iPad Air. Though these cables are strong enough but are of no use unless they work. I've tried all tricks that were told as a solution for this problem from Youtube but none of them worked with my cables.

Edit: With the help of this video when posted on twitter, was picked by #BelkinSupport they helped me to get these 2 cables replaced promptly which I am appreciative of. Thank you Belkin for proving me wrong by showing you are infact helpful when issues are being brought to your notice.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Turn off/on the subtitles in Apple tv

Ever faced this issue in the Apple tv trying to figure out the way to turn on/off the subtitles in Netflix. hulu, espn etc. Well myself had this problem when some non english language comes up in any show and I try to figure out what the hell did the person tell. So I had to pause the show, go to the settings and change the settings to show the subtitles in English and come back to show and resume it. This was frustrating when i wanted to turn off the subtitles soon after non-english content.

I tried searching the internet, even called Netflix support :) But somehow figured this quick fix. Watch my video demonstrating the same here.

Hope this helps everyone looking for this solution. Enjoy and have a great day.