Sunday, June 7, 2009

Kerala-The land of exotic greens

Few days before i had been to the land of green and backwaters, yes its Kerala. I had been to Kasargod which comes in the north Kerala. Its the state in which you find lush greens all over.Its a coastal region, so be prepared to sweat it out. The places to watch in Kasargod are the Madhur Temple and the Bekal Fort and the beach.

Kerala internal transport is looked after by the private transports, so to reach out to the Madhur temple you get the private buses in the city, its around 20km from Kasargod, a 45 minutes journey. These private buses are totally airconditioned. Oops i mean with no glasses for windows and we can breathe easy in open air. The temple was very beautiful to see. The God residing there is Vinayak(Ganesh). There the main attraction which i found was a placard stating "ENTRY FOR HINDUS ONLY" which shooked me. This is the place where is saw the communalism. There is some other speciality related to the histoty. Once Tippu Sultan had attacked all the south Indian temples and when he came to this temple to attack, he felt very thirsty and asked for the water, the priests over there without any hesitation, brought some water for him to drink, there after Tippu thought the people here are very kind and as a matter of mercy and respect to the people who helped him, he didnt continue the attack on this temple. There is a mark stating the the sign of the sword mark where he wanted to attack on the temple. Its the story as i heard, i didnt create it.

Next we went to the old monument protected by the ASI(Archeological Survey of India) known as the Bekal Fort. This is some 20 km south of Kasargod town. Heard that this Fort was ruled lates by Tippu Sultan. The fort has been maintained very well and it attracts many national and international tourists, thus making it a very important monument. There is a Observation tower in the middle of the fort fro where we can have scenic view of the beach and the greenery of the Kerala. There is a entrance from the fort to the beach, the tides here are so huge, they are capable of engulfing the persons stranding on the beach or on the rocks there. We had been to the beach down the fort, the beach was very nice to enjoy. It will be a very wonderful view of the sunset from here.

You can reach out to the Kasargod town by the following ways. The nearest big city near it is Mangalore which is just 60km and a one and half hour journey. It comes on the National Highway NH17 so there is no problem of travel and we get the buses very frequently from Mangalore. The road travel will be so wonderful that you get many rivers,backwaters with unique kerala scenic view.
Hope you enjoy it when u go there.



  1. Nice to see someone write about Kerala as its my homeland... I dont think u had gone beyond time if u get a chance....try alleppey...the land of backwaters...

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