Sunday, July 11, 2010

Getting Started with J2ME


J2ME means Java 2 Mobile Edition, this is extensively used in the mobile phones and other mobile gadgets. So all the applications that are supported by java in the mobile devices are built by the J2ME.

People having the special interest in the development of such applications and making a career out of it can go ahead and do it with the help of below steps:

Setting up of the environment for the development of the J2ME are below:

1. Download the latest Java SDK.
2. Download the Java Wireless tool kit
3. Download the Eclipes IDE.
4. Download the EclipseME plugin for the Eclipse IDE.

The details of how to install and where to install from the above softwares is given in

After setting up the environment successfully, new comers to this can have thier basics done for this at

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