Saturday, April 25, 2009


Hi, I have some thing to share with every one. Last year in the month of June we 5 friends had a trip of Dharmasthala and Kukke Subramanya.It was awesome.Lets get on to the experience.

On June 25 of 2008 night we set the journey, we boarded a bus directly to Dharmasthala, we got to the destination by morning, the journey was so horrible, thanks to the bad roads. We got down there by morning around 7 AM, we got down near Netravathi river, took bath over there, and boarded an auto-rickshaw for the temple,It was a 10 minutes journey from the river.We entered the temple by keeping our luggages in a locker room and took the coconuts to offer.As this is the biggest and most famous holy place in south india and mainly coastal karnataka, many devotees al l over india come to worship here. It took around 1 hour for us to see the god and offer prayers. Then we came out, had breakfast in a near by hotel.

Just after worship here, we set our journey to Kukke Subramanya from here, which is around 60 km from here and it took one and half hour for us to reach out there. Believe me its like heaven on earth. There the clouds were touching the hills behind the temple. Which mesmerises any tourist who visits the place.We offered prayers over there nad came out of the temple in an hour.The time was around 2 in the after noon, and the time for lunch was up, we had our lunch there in a hotel. We set our journey back to Dharmasthala,we reached there by around 4 in the evening.

There we went to the mahabaleshwara statue, which is a giant statue. From there we were back to the bust station. It was time to return back. We got a bus at 7'o clock,we had our dinner on the way in a dhaba.We reached hubli by morning 8 am.It was a good trip in a whole.

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