Sunday, October 14, 2012

XOOM-Money Transfer Magic


Its been more than a month, I am here in US and have earned some money that i can send back to my account in INDIA, Rupee was at its lowest, wanted get a advantage of that. The day i started to think over  transferring of money to INDIA, Rupee started rising against USD.

But I had no choice, badly was in need of money to my Indian Account as I had a huge credit card bill. So thought SBI would be good way to send my money, as they would give comparatively more exchange rate. So registered for SBI GLUS. Tried for almost a week to do the transfers from my US bank account, I never succeeded doing this. Finally fed up with this. as the last date to pay the CC bill was nearing. So called up a friend of mine who had transferred using Xoom.

He referred me to XOOM, i finally registered to XOOM with the referred link, and gave minimal of the details and fomalities as compared to 100's of them in SBI GLUS. Initiated the transaction in the night at 11 PM. The very next morning, I stepped in office logged into my email, and checked that my money has already reached my INDIAN account. I was so happy to see that amount. Filled with 100% fun.

Not only this much, in addition to a comparative exchange rate, I got a 25 USD gift card for Along with me, my friend who referred me also got a 25 USD gift card. I bought a backpack from this card. I was satisfied with XOOM. And friends, I suggest even you go ahead with xoom for its super fast moneyt transfer and get the referee and referral amount by referring someone.

Start referring and get referred by if you want to transfer money back to INDIA.

You guys can write back to me at or leave a comment here. You understand it right???

See Ya guys,

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