Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Tug of war

Hi every one,

Its post-election time in India and a crucial time to say. All news channels telecasting their predictions for the next government. It will be a very tough time for anyone to predict the results. It is quiet assured that no party in India will be the largest majority party. Its a big setback for India. Hence the parties go for the alliances with the other minor parties. To go deeper lets begin our discussion.

India, has got many parties, and the two major parties among them are the Congress and the BJP. The Congress along with its alliance is called as UPA(United Progressive Alliance) and the BJP along with its alliance parties is known as NDA(National Defensive Alliance). The first one is presided by Mrs. Sonia Gandhi and the latter by Mr. L.K. Advani. The prime ministerial candidate from UPA is Mr. Manmohan Singh and Mr.L.K Advani from NDA.

Between these, the minor parties have allied themselves before the elections and named it as the Third Front. It consists of all the minor but strong parties from almost all the states such as JDS from Karnataka, TDP from AP, BSP from UP. Like this it has become a great threat to the big parties to get alliance. So no one can predict what will be the results of this elections, as the minor parties can perform very well to get almost half the seats for the Third Front and make the government themselves. The main contributors for them will be Mayawati from UP, down south AIADMK from Tamil Nadu which has the capability of sweeping TN, In AP TDP is stonger, in Kerala and in the west its CPI(M) which is stronger.

So all Indian people eagerly waiting for the D-day i.e the results day on 16th of may, the day of India's fate is going to be decided. Watch out for it!!!!!!!!!

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