Saturday, May 23, 2009

IPL 2 towards the end

This year it was a great year for the IPL lovers as it was a overseas tounament. More than that it provided so much entertainment for the people here in India that every one here is a fan of IPL, irrespective of the team and place they support for. As cricket is believed as a religion, IPL provides the huge religious activities.
So the matches this time were more thrilling than the first season. I think the matches this time were highly injurious to those who had high BP. Each match crawled to the last ball for the result of the match. But this time IPL took a great turn with Royal Challengers making it to the top four teams and the semis of the IPL.
The chart was topped by Delhi Daredevils, but in a match yesterday against the Deccan Chargers, Delhi lost and they lost the chance of winning IPL trophy.The defending champions this time were out of the IPL before entering into semis. But they gave a close contest. Both Rajasthan Royals and Kings XI were in close contest for the semis with BRC, DC and Chennai were on the close contest on the other side. Well we need to wait and watch out for the match today the Bangalore against Chennai, its going to be atoough match. And whoever wins, enters the final and play with the Deccan chargers.
Deccan chargers are on a strong hold now and the other two teams cant be underestimated even. Lets wait and watch.
And RCB win the semis to rush into the finals to play against the Deccan Chargers.

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