Friday, May 29, 2009

How to remove autorun.inf virus


      The autorun virus is the most common virus in all computers these days, it affects in many ways some of them are, 

1. The drives get opened in a new window rather than the same window.

2.It deactivates the hiding.We cannot see the hidden files and even if we tick mark the show hidden files, it automatically again goes back to do not show hidden files.

So in order to fix this i usally install a fresh copy of genuine windows XP service pack 2, just after installing it, i ll be very cautious not to double click on any of the drives, instead i open them using the folders button.

Now what we need to do is, go to the tools, go to folder options,go to view,click on the radio button of show hidden files and folders, next you got to untick the hide protected operating system files(Recommended).

Now you got to click on the folders button, now click on the drive other than c drive in the sub window on the left side. You will find a file named AUTORUN.INF, delete this file by SHIFT+DEL, do the same thing in all the other drives other than the C:/ drive. Because in C drive that file will not be present.

Now you have deleted the deadly virus AUTORUN.INF. Enjoy now you can open the drives by double click on the drive icon in the My computer.

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  1. hey i hv 1 recycler instead of autorun.inf...
    u deleted it in all folders..but its nt fresh after installin wt u say?s it k..
    in some drives i was not able to delete tat system volume information...!
    m dkay in orkut..
    my blog s
    do check n comment man..n do help me