Tuesday, March 31, 2009


This is a modem device for those who wanna be tension free of paying huge amount for the internet bills. Its really a good plan being introduced by BSNL. Let me further list out the pros and cons of this device..before that have a look at the device below as how it looks...a cute white egg shaped device isnt it...?

Suitable Network: CDMA2000 1X 
Max Transmitting Rate: (Kbps) 153.6 (Data rate)
Interface: USB 
Operating System: Windows2000/XP 
                    The above are the specifications of the device.....
The cost of the modem is Rs 3193/- on purchase. U also have an option of taking it on rent with the initial deposit of  Rs 1200/- . The fixed internet monthly cost is Rs 250/- + taxes which comes around to Rs 280/- . If u rent the modem then we need to pay extra Rs 200/- per month as the rent which comes around Rs 480/-. Truly speaking the people who only need internet for browsing purpose and not for huge downloads. Its the perfect one. No other thought. Lets give u a comparision with the other operators such as TATA indicom and Reliance USB.. Thier modems cost around Rs 3000/- only one time buying and over that they are a very limited usage one's. As they measure the number of hours used. They only provide around 80 hours of free usage that too on monthly payment of Rs 400/-. Above which we need to pay extra. 

To tell there is no perfect device there are some pros and cons of a device. Lets list out.
Its easy to use, easy to operate,easy to install, there is no need of any specialised person to install as in the case of a broadband, no regular disconnects, fixed monthly pay and no hidden charges. Quiet satisying internet download speed varying anywhere between 10-25kbps. We can easily use gtalk, yahoo messengers and talk over them.

As compared to other operators as reliance, they have option of calling through the modem and sms facilities,BSNL doesnt provide this facility. Download speed is far less compared to the broadband case(10-25 kbps) which is the same for the Reliance and TATA.Some times it frustrates waiting for the download as it takes long time for the huge files. 


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