Sunday, October 9, 2016

Belkin iPhone lightning cable not working

Belkin is a well known brand for the iPhone charging cables. But the ones's that I bought from Target paying $20 each only worked until i updated my iOS to iOS8 after which these charging cables stopped working.

After all it appears that Belkin cables are not MFi(Made For iPhones) but are some cheap cables. These cables also won't work with iPad Air. Though these cables are strong enough but are of no use unless they work. I've tried all tricks that were told as a solution for this problem from Youtube but none of them worked with my cables.

Edit: With the help of this video when posted on twitter, was picked by #BelkinSupport they helped me to get these 2 cables replaced promptly which I am appreciative of. Thank you Belkin for proving me wrong by showing you are infact helpful when issues are being brought to your notice.

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