Saturday, June 19, 2010

A Simple information for Linux duds

Friends many of the projects use the linux or the unix servers for many of the processes or any of the works. So i hope there will be many of the ksh files wich in turn call any of the coded java or any other language codes to process.

So if there are many of the ksh files to be called at the same time or sequentially then you might be grouping all of them in a crontab file.

So this crontab file will be the most important file for starting any of the processes automatically at the scheduled time as its been scheduled.

It so happened that one of my friend/colleague who works daily on these crontab file had to edit the crontab file. So the obvious command or the syntax to edit the crontab would be:

crontab -e

But unfortunately he wrote:

crontab -r

which was a typo and it unfortunately is the command to delete the crontab file.
There was a havoc created after the file was deleted and whose backup was also not maintained. This lead to a lot of work again. But fortunately as the system admin maintains the backup of the server, we had to wait till the SA arrived. But fortunately the system was not affected due to this.

But friends there is no way to recover a crontab file if you delete it. Please do keep a backup of the file in a simple notepad.

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  1. Hey there Buddy! It's Matthew from the states! How have you been? I figured I would swing by your blog every day to see how it was going. Buddy I think you've been busy with your life! Your blog hasen't changed since I first met you. But keep at it. Stay busy! I'll talk to you soon.

    Matt A