Sunday, January 31, 2010

TATA DOCOMO- A Telcom Revolution

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So this time i wanna talk some thing about the telecom network operator, TATA DOCOMO. This is a Joint Venture Between two telecom giants from two different countries. Tata Teleservices from India and DOCOMO from Japan.

It kind of created a revolution by introducing the per second billing plan. Which is now being followed by all other telecom operators. Be it Airtel,Vodafone or any other...they followed this only after public started to show its interest in per second billing plan. Because, a mobile has become so ubiquitous(common) that people don't want to lose much money on talking for less time.

These days the talks has been like A: "How much time still?" and B: "Give me 5 mins:. So this doesnt take more than 5 seconds. And people dont want to loose a rupee for such small conversation. Now a days all have followed this plan, but TATA Docomo was the initiator for this.

But addition to this, TATA Docomo has given one more uniue and best feature among competitors. That is internet. As mobiles are so common, so has internet become that common. And all networks provide internet as different charges.

The unique thing for TATA Docomo is, it has provided many plans for internet users through mobile. It has got various plans, which i think the other competitors are no where near to. The plans range from as cheap as Rs 15 to 95.

The procedure to connect a GPRS enabled mobile to internet from a Laptop or a Computer is, first install the PC Suite or particular mobile software. Then either connect the mobile to the laptop by bluetooth or cable. Enter the following details.


Username and password are left blank.
And a phone number is to be given as *99#

The plan details are for Rs 15,you get 100MB free usage and 3 days validity, Rs 33 has 15 days validity and 1GB free usage, Rs 48 has 1 month validity and 2GB free usage and finally Rs 95 has got 45 days validity and 4GB free usage from night 11PM to morning 11AM. And the day usage is also there but its comparitively less compared to the night usage. As people now are only free at night to use internet, they find this more useful spending less money on internet. Which other people spend thousands of bucks just browsing.

So people use this facility and the browsing speed is good enough to browse and download songs and all around 15-20 kbps.

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