Monday, November 2, 2009

The Banana Boat Mystery

Hi, So i had to share something about the Banana Boat. Sounds strange right? Yup its a kind of strange thing. Its actually a kind of adventure sport where in you actually take a ride on a banana like boat which is huge...which can accomodate around 8 ppl. We need to just climb on it, and catch hold of a rope in front of each seat. So we have a simple rope to balance.

Now starts the mystery, the boat i.e the Banana Boat is tied to a motor boat, it takes us to the middle of the sea. So while following the motor boat, we wont be having any kind of fear as the boat would be going in the straight direction. But that's not adventure, its hilarious when the person behind us turns the whole of the boat, we get stunned there as the whole boat is upside down and we are in the sea with no support, thanks to the life jackets. We literally on the support iof the life jacket, with out which we would ve got the tickets to the heaven.

Now we gotta struggle to catch hold of the banana boat. the motor boat gets slowed down. We need to just catch the banana boat again one by one, the boat ppl help us boarding again. We just need be lying with the chest upside in the water to be confident or else we lose our confidence and give up ourselves to the fear.

This continues for around 3-4 times, after the first time in water, we lose the fear of water and start enjoying being in water. After that we are bought to the shore. Thats the end of the adventure.

This sport is available at The Aguada Fort Beach, North Goa, its near to the Calangute. some where 15 minutes drive.
The cost of this is very high if u dont bargain. We were 5 people and it costed Rs 250/- for each. So in an all we gave Rs 1250/- . But ppl if u ever go to goa do enjoy this sport. Or else it feels like u missed out something spl and the tour would be unfinished.

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