Saturday, October 17, 2009

The Goan Sight

Hey, so atlast got a break from the work and had an outing a week back. And the place was none other than the exotic goa. We(The team) had planned for this outing just 4 days before the departure. So finally we booked tickets for goa. It was a late night journey from dadar. We enjoyed a lot in train till a family with kids came in and ruined our enjoyement. As a result we had no other option than to sleep. Next day morning it was a kind of boring journey and the train reached our destination i.e tivim which would be nearer to the calangute. The time was around 1pm i.e we had wasted our half of day in train. We rushed to the hotel we had booked by an auto. Uhhh an expensive ride it was. We reached hotel by around 2pm as it was a 40 min drive from station. We soon got fresh i.e except taking bath. Bcos we were however going to enter the beach. So by this time we had booked 4 bikes to roam in goa and i had got a pulsar. We rushed to the nearest beach first which was calangute beach. There was a hotel there and we were damn hungry. We ordered for the lunch all my team mates were hardcore non veggies. We entered the sea, it was a kind of empty as it was afternoon. We enjoyed a lot in the beach, an hour later our lunch was ready and we had a great lunch. There after we left to the ultimate of all the 'BAGA' beach. It was some 10 km away from the other beach. We were there at almost 4.30 evening. The climate was pleasant and the waves were cool. We took a shack and kept our belongings there. The scenery there was awesome both onshore and offshore. We enjoyed a lot on the waves. The waves were large enough for us to sink in. We enjoyed a lot on this beach. It was like a indian hawaiian beach. Would love to go for it again. We were wet, but didnt care. We left for the next beach anjuna beach. This was a beach for namesake.

This beach wasnt tat good. But it was sunset time and we captured that. We left from there soon wasting no time. Then we returned to the hotel 'Delta Residency' . To find the way back to this hotel it was a great achievement. I didnt remember the way as it was a goan night everything seemed to be different. No one was aware of that hotel. Finally got to the hotel. Soon took a cold shower as the whole body was salty. We got ready for the dinner and back on wheels again. For dinner we went to a restaurant called 'Britto's restaurant' the veg food wasnt tat good but the others enjoyed. The ice tea was awesome there. Some had beer and other had hot drinks. Some of my friends got a tattoo made on themselves. We finished a beach dinner. My team then left to 'The Tito's ' the famous disc in goa. I returned back to hotel and had good sleep. They came back by 4am. Next morning we were again ready by 10am, we left for the aguada fort beach. This is a kind of adventure sports beach. And here we tried something truely adventurous. The 'Banana boat' adventure. We were made to sit on a banana like boat which had no support other than a rope tied in front of each person as 8 ppl could be seated on it. This boat was tied to the motor boat which took us deep into the sea. There we made to fall off from the boat. I thought i would be no more :-) but i managed to catch the motor boat and all other caught the banana boat again and climbed it. They took us again and made them fall again. Well there were life jackets so there was no fear of water. We finally reached the shore. Right in front of this beach is a huge resort of Taj. We went back to the hotel again and returned the bikes. Got fresh and took shower. Now we were ready for the lunch. We went to calangute market, did some shopping. Had a good lunch. By this it was around 5 evening. It was time to return back. We had booked a taxi to madgaon as our train was from there. We had a good one hour drive. Every one was totally tired but managed to not to get bored. We reached the station at 6.30. On the way my team purchased loads of cashew nuts and the wines. As it is this goa is famous for cheap drinks. Our train arrived by 7.40pm. We enjoyed the journey. And next day morning back to office again. This was a 2 day outing we had been to. It was truly a awesome experience and would love to go back again and chill there in goa. Thanks for now.

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