Thursday, June 4, 2009

How to choose the best bike

Here are some tips to buy a new , as which kind of bike to select, of which range of power etc. First of all the bike in India is almost a middle man's transport and many high class people prefer a car over a bike. But there are many high class hardcore bikers too who go on many adventures on the bike. The tips are as follows.
1. Decide what for do you need the bike? For adventure or the daily transport.
2. If its for adventures, its better to go with the high power bikes above 150cc such as TVS Apache, Bajaj Pulsar DTSi 150,180,200 and 220,Hero Honda Karizma or Honda Stunner.
3. Even the Bajaj Pulsar and the TVS Apache, Honda Uniorn ,Honda Shine fullfill the daily needs which are quiet powerful and economical and efficient.
4. But if you need a bike that is very economical for a long run and very efficient, then its better to go for Hero Honda Splendor or Bajaj Platina or Bajaj Discover whose cc are below 150cc.
5. These bikes are the best for the middle man, which are very efficient, economical and doesnt have much of the maintanence cost.
6. Where as the the above high end bikes are very costly, they are very powerful but their efficiency is too low.
7. If a economical bike gives a mileage of around 60km/litre, the high end bikes give the mileage of just 30km/litre on an average.
8. On the contradictory, the leader of racing kind of bikes has released a Yamaha R15, Yamaha FZ which make a style statement of the owner. They look dashing.
India is booming in the automobile sector, those days are gone when owning a scooter was a matter of fame. Indians are owning Suzuki Hayabasu and Honda CBR kind of bikes. Which the Indians decades ago only dreamt of owning it. These days we get bikes which ever suits us. So better be sensible while buying a bike and decide for the best one.

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